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Best Bike Degreaser To Have In Your Repair Kit

The bike degreaser is one of the most important substances to have in your bike repair kit. This substance is not actually used to repair the bike, but rather to prevent it from broking in the first place. In fact, the bike degreaser is used for maintenance, and more specifically to clean the drivetrain of […]

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Best Bike Chain Lock To Prevent Theft

Whether you live in a big, crowded city or in a small and quiet town, whether you have an old and ugly bike or the latest racing model, bicycle theft is a problem that regards all bikes and cyclists. For this reason, investing in a good bike chain lock is a must. Over the time, we […]

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Best Bike Handlebar Bag For Electronic Devices

A bike handlebar bag is probably the most convenient accessory when it comes to items storage while riding. This type of bags doesn’t influence a lot on your bike’s weight and balance is easy to install and perfect to carry electronic devices and small essentials. There are dozens of models of bike handlebar bags available on […]

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The Best Front Bike Basket To Carry Your Essentials

A bike basket is an essential accessory to have if you plan to use your bike for anything else than riding. In fact, if you plan to carry a handbag, groceries, or even your furry friend when riding the bike, a bike basket is a must. Among the most popular types, above all among women, are […]

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Bicycle Tool Kit: What Is The Best Bike Chain Tool

A bike chain tool is an essential instrument to have in your bicycle tool kit. In fact, regardless of how well you maintain the chain, sooner or later you’ll still have to replace it. A bike chain tool will help you take off the old chain and replace it with a new one. Our goal is […]

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Bike Chain Lube: The Best For All Purposes

The bike chain is made of steel. Its strengths are resistance to wear and robustness, but to maintain these strengths the chain needs proper maintenance. As such, investing in a high-quality bike chain lube is a must. Bike chain lube can be used for other bike components as well. However, this versatile product is typically hard […]

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The Best Bike Bell For Adult Bikes

The bike bell is one of the compulsory accessories for bicycles all cyclists should use. In fact, this small item is part of the minimal indispensable equipment required by the federal laws in many states, together with the lights and reflectors. On the market, there are dozens of models of bike bells, that range from traditional […]

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The Best Bike Brake Pads For Mountain Bikes

Brakes are one of the most important components of a bike. In the case of mountain bikes, brakes are not only important but also essential to maintain in excellent conditions, especially if practicing downhill. To keep your brakes functional, you need great bike brake pads. Learn what they are and how to choose them, or use […]

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