Best Bike Phone Mount For Road And City Bikes

We live in a technological world. And there is no mystery that most of us are dependent on our mobile phones. Having a bike phone mount, therefore, seems only logical. But not all bike phone mounts are equal. Read on to find out what options you have and how to choose one. Alternatively, click on the […]

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Best Hitch Mount Bike Rack To Transport Your Bike

As cyclists, we know how hard it is to leave our bikes at home. Even when going on vacation trips by car. A hitch mount bike rack might be the best bike transport solution if you want to take your favorite two-wheel vehicle with you. If you want to find out more about the types of […]

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Best Rear Bike Rack For Commuters

From my point of view, the bike rack is one of the most underrated cycling accessories. In fact, unless you’re a commuter or having the trip of your lifetime by bike, there is little chance you’ll ever need it. From all the models, rear bike racks are probably the most comfortable. If you need one and […]

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Best Electric Bike Kit – A Buyer’s Guide

If you love cycling but feel like you could use a little help every now and then, an electric bike kit could help you convert your traditional bike into an electric bike. Investing in an electric bike kit is also a more cost-effective solution compared to buying an electric bike. This guide will show you what […]

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Best Bike Dog Leash To Walk Your Pet

Are you familiar with that guilt feeling you have when you’re heading on your next riding adventure while leaving your pup at home? I surely am! To solve this issue, I trained my dog and invested in an excellent bike dog leash! However, before buying the first bike dog leash you find, you should ask yourself […]

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Best Bike Degreaser To Have In Your Repair Kit

The bike degreaser is one of the most important substances to have in your bike repair kit. This substance is not actually used to repair the bike, but rather to prevent it from broking in the first place. In fact, the bike degreaser is used for maintenance, and more specifically to clean the drivetrain of […]

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Best Bike Chain Lock To Prevent Theft

Whether you live in a big, crowded city or in a small and quiet town, whether you have an old and ugly bike or the latest racing model, bicycle theft is a problem that regards all bikes and cyclists. For this reason, investing in a good bike chain lock is a must. Over the time, we […]

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How To Replace Your Bike Brake Cable

Like on any vehicle, brakes are one of the most important systems of a bike. Bike brakes are controlled by a bike brake cable which needs to be replaced periodically. The operation is not that complex and, if you love DIY, you could even try to replace your bike brake cable by following this step-by-step […]

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  • November 15, 2017
  • Blog

Best Bike Handlebar Bag For Electronic Devices

A bike handlebar bag is probably the most convenient accessory when it comes to items storage while riding. This type of bags doesn’t influence a lot on your bike’s weight and balance is easy to install and perfect to carry electronic devices and small essentials. There are dozens of models of bike handlebar bags available on […]

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