Cycling Protective Equipment: Best Women’s Bike Helmets

Wearing protective equipment when cycling is essential and probably the most important element of the cycling gear is the helmet. Let’s find out how to choose a reliable helmet and which are the best women’s bike helmets on the market.

Before explaining the structure and materials you should search for, I have to clarify a simple fact about women’s bike helmets: they are the same as the men’s. In fact, the only difference between them is the graphics.

That being said, all bicycle helmets have the same purpose, namely to protect the skull in the event of a collision. The protection capability and the shock absorption characteristics are guaranteed by a certification. And this is the main thing to check before buying a helmet.

As long as the helmet you’re interested in is certified it will offer the same level of protection regardless of its price. So why choose a more expensive model? Well, what distinguishes the models between them is the lightness, ergonomics, breathability and a series of other characteristics I’ll detail below.

The Structure Of A Bicycle Helmet

Bike helmets have changed dramatically in the last years and they have reached a degree of lightness and unattainable fit that was only a dream a decade ago. This change was possible mainly because the manufacturers had to face a challenge, providing comfortable and lightweight helmets for cycling racing.

The manufacturing companies worked hard on improving the aerodynamic and reducing the weight of the helmets and from these innovations didn’t benefit only the professionals. In fact, most of the helmets available on today’s market are manufactured following the same standards.

As general guidelines, bike helmets have the following elements:

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    Outer shell: usually made of polycarbonate or carbon fiber and painted in various colors and protected by a shiny layer of weather-resistant varnish. Because this is the visible part, the outer shell makes the difference between men’s and women’s bike helmets and it can also influence the choice of a model over another.
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    Inner shell: made of expanded or foamed polyurethane. The inner shell is joined by welding to the outer shell and it is designed to absorb kinetic energy and protect the skull in the event of a collision.
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    Adjustable locking system: it usually consists of a wheel that actions on two segments. By approaching the segments this element helps securing the helmet firmly on the back of the head.
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    Adjustable straps: made of leather, rubber, or synthetic fibers. The straps allow users to fasten the helmet and ensure its effectiveness.

Although all bike helmets have roughly the same structure, we can note some differences between the helmets designed for various disciplines. For this reason, choosing the right type is a must.

Different Types Of Women’s Bike Helmets

Cycling is a multifaceted sport and cycling helmets adapted to respond the needs of the various disciplines. Have a look below to understand what is the difference between the various types of bike helmets. If you are commuting by bike, a road helmet might be the best option for you.

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    Road cycling helmets: have a tapered shape that ensures the aerodynamics and minimizes friction with the air. They are lightweight and most of the times the outer shell is made of polycarbonate, fiberglass or carbon fiber. The ventilation characteristics are pushed to maximum and these helmets have numerous nozzles. The helmet is fixed with a rear adjusting device and a strap under the chin.
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    Mountain bike helmets: are designed to offer a better protection and are sturdier than their road cycling counterparts. Mountain bike helmets protect not only the upper side of the skull but also the temples. Moreover, they are designed to resist to multiple shocks and have an outer coating that resists to harsh weather and to the abrasive effect of mud or sand. Some models are equipped with a sun visor.
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    Helmets for gravity disciplines: this type of off-road disciplines include endure and downhill. Cyclists usually opt for full-face mountain bike helmets that protect the head, neck, and face. The difference between these helmets and motorcycling helmets is the lack of a visor and the presence of ventilation nozzles.
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    BMX helmets: must protect the skull from all types of collisions and are usually heavy and have little aerodynamic characteristics. Nonetheless, in freestyle cycling total protection is preferable to lightness and breathability. These helmets are uncomfortable to use for any other discipline.

Women’s Bike Helmets: How To Choose

I already mentioned that the only difference between men’s and women’s bike helmets is the design of the outer shell. Leaving apart subjective aspects such as the aesthetics, brand, and popularity, you should check carefully the following parameters:

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    Label: as mentioned above, all bike helmets have to be certified and meet certain standards. In the USA, those standards are set by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and all helmets sold on the US market must be CPSC certified.
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    Price: if a helmet is certified, it will provide the same protection regardless of the price. Pay attention to choose a helmet specific for the practiced discipline and check the certification, then go for whatever option suits your budget.
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    Outer shell: apart from the design, check the coating for integrity. The varnish shouldn’t be scratched or cracked.
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    Inner shell: the inner shell should also be checked for integrity. Avoid buying a helmet that presents deformation, scratches or cuts.
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    Straps: they should be resistant and sturdy. Grasp them with both hands and pull tightly to check their reliability.
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    Size: try the helmet, adjusting the rear locking system and fastening the straps. Shake your head. If the helmet moves, then it is too big. If you feel a pressure on the neck, forehead or temples, then it is too tight for you. If you feel any type of compression, don’t buy the helmet as it may pose a health hazard. The right helmet must stay fixed on the head yet it should be completely comfortable to wear.

The Best Women’s Bike Helmets

1. Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro Bicycle Black/Grey Helmet

Schwinn is an established brand in the cycling industry manufacturing iconic bikes since 1895. With the time, the manufacturer has specialized in the production of cycling wear and protective equipment, among which a series of reliable bike helmets for children and adults.

The Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro Bicycle Black/Gray Helmet is one of these helmets. Characterized by a Dual Fit adjustable design and 21 integrated air flow vents, the helmet fits head sizes between 22 7/8 inches and 24 inches.

Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro Bicycle black/grey Helmet Adult

Besides the adjustability ease, the helmet also presents other functional design elements that make it a leader in its category. One of these elements is the built-in visor that offers increased shade while riding. The moisture-wicking pads are another great add-on as they will help keep you dry.

The design is minimalist and the black/gray combination is suitable for all cyclists regardless of their gender. Nevertheless, this is one of the helmets mostly preferred by women.

2. JBM Adult Cycling Bike Helmet

JBM Adult Cycling Bike Helmet Specialized for Mens Womens Safety Protection

If you are looking for a women’s bike helmet in a suitable color, then the JBM Adult Cycling Bike Helmet might be the answer to your needs.

The manufacturer proposes this model in over 15 color choices that include pink and black, purple and yellow, but also bolder color choices such as gradient green.

Apart from the color choice, the helmet is CPSC certified and it is specially designed for adult cyclists. Made of durable PVC on the outside and EPS foam on the inside, the helmet absorbs all types of impact shocks providing superior protection during a crash.

The inner padding is also breathable that provides a great comfort to the cyclists. Besides, the helmet has many other interesting features.

3. JBM Helmet CPSC ASTM Certified For Multi-Sports

Another women’s bike helmet that is quite popular is this JBM helmet designed to provide protection for multiple sports, among which the manufacturer mentions cycling.

The main difference between this helmet and the helmets manufactured specifically for cycling is the shape. Nevertheless, many women claim that this helmet fits better and is more comfortable to use as long as you don’t wear your hair in a ponytail.

BM Skateboard Helmet CPSC ASTM Certified

The helmet is both CPSC and ASTM certified and besides cycling it is ideal for skating, rollerblading, and skateboarding.

The helmet is suitable for all ages categories and for all genders. In addition to an ample color choice, the helmet is available in three different sizes.

4. Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Multi Sport CM-1 Helmet

Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike/Skate/Multi Sport CM-1 Helmet

If you are only using the bike to commute, then the Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Multi Sport CM-1 Helmet might be the right choice for you.

This helmet is suitable for both men and women and stands out thanks to its flawless classical design. Coming in seven different colors, finding the one that best suits your personality is a breeze.

The helmet is made of ABS and EPS foam and it is CPSC certified. Besides the providing ultimate protection, the helmet is also comfortable to wear thanks to both its weight and breathability.

Furthermore, the manufacturer produces the helmet in three sizes, each of them coming with adjustable straps designed to keep it fit regardless of the size of your head.

5. Giro Trinity Helmet

Among the vast selection of women’s bike helmets, one that stands out is the Giro Trinity Helmet. Designed specifically for cycling and impressing with its simplicity, this helmet is perfect for all those who use the bike for the daily commuting.

The outer shell of the helmet is made of durable polycarbonate while the inner shell is made of impact-resistant EPS foam.

Giro Trinity Helmet

Another great characteristic is the adjustability of the helmet and the fact that it comes in eight different colors.

The helmet is manufactured in a single size and it is preferred by cyclists of both genders.

Conclusion & Final Pick

From all the women’s bike helmets available on the market, Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro Bicycle Black/Grey Helmet is probably the best.

It is true, this helmet doesn’t have a “girly” design, pink accents or flower-power graphics. Yet it is reliable. And reliability is the first thing you should look for in a cycling helmet.

Schwinn is synonymous with high-quality and reliability, and when it comes to this helmet things are no different. This helmet boasts a Dual Fit adjustable design, it is comfortable to use and built of durable materials that ensure a great protection against impacts.

Another characteristic I like is the breathability. The helmet has 21 vents and moisture-wicking pads keeping your head comfortably dry regardless of the environmental temperature.

The only downside is the long straps, but this flaw can be easily overlooked. After all, finding a way to fix too long straps is easy while the quality of this helmet is almost second to none.

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