Best Electric Bikes: Our Reviews

Electric bikes are the new fad when it comes to getting around town. These bikes have an electric motor which helps the rider move faster, and also conserve energy. There are two types of electric bikes. There are those that have a throttle and you can completely stop pedaling and let the motor propel you forward and there are those that only assist in pedaling. Riding bikes has become very popular since they reduce pollution, increase the health and fitness of the rider, and they are not restricted by traffic jams. With the electric bikes, you get to your destination faster with less output of energy. So if you want to have a lazy ride through the hillside, or get to work faster every day. You should get the best electric bikes on the market and enjoy the benefits that they bring along.

How to choose the Best Electric Bikes

When choosing the best electric bikes, you need to think about a number of issues. The first thing that you should consider is the type of bike that you want. If you do not want a bike that will at times completely take over the propulsion from you, then you should go for those that have a throttle; if you want one that will only help you in the pedaling action then go for the pedal-assist types. You should also consider the quality of the electric motor. You want a motor that is from a respected manufacturer, so it will not keep breaking down. Finally consider the frame weight, size, aerodynamics and aesthetics. This is only natural for people who love bikes; the bike is an extension of your character, so you must make sure that it will make you feel good when you ride it through the streets.

What are the benefits of the Best Electric Bikes?

There are many benefits that can be derived from the best electric bikes. Some are directed at the rider and others to the environment. Here are some of them:

  • Move faster with less effort – this is the primary benefit of electric bikes. You get to your destination faster, and you do not use too much energy when cycling. If you hate cycling up a hill, you can engage the electric motor and then disengage it when you are going downhill.
  • You get to save the environment – there has been a lot of environmental interest in cycling. Many people say that they are helping in reducing the carbon footprint when they ride bikes. Electric bikes also do this since the motors do not emit any pollutants.
  • Trendy – anyone who has an electric bike feels trendy since they are now the most popular types of bikes for commuting. You get to scoot past other riders, thanks to the electric motor, and people see how technologically advanced you are.

What should you consider when choosing the Best Electric Bikes?

When buying the best electric bikes, you need to consider a number of factors. Here are some of them:

  • What is the primary purpose of buying the bike – if you simply want the bike for commuting, and not really concerned about fitness, you can buy the fully motorized one, which will reduce the amount of time that you spend pedaling. However, if you want a bike that will only partially assist you in pedaling, then go for the pedal assist.
  • What is the value for money - You should then consider the features of the bike and weight these against the price. Electric bikes are not cheap and you really need to know why you are paying that much for the bike.
  • The need for the bike – you should really consider why you need an electric bike. If it is simply for the status, then you might be better off with a traditional geared bike. Buying an electric bike should be for better reasons other than status. A good reason may be getting to work faster and not having to sweat through your suit.

What concerns should electric bike buyers have?

When buying an electric bike, you should think about the cost of the bike. As mentioned earlier, these bikes are not cheap. If you want one that has a lot of features, then you should be prepared to pay a lot more, than someone who simply wants the basic electric motor and nothing else. There are bikes that come with sensors, and more, and these features will cost you more. You should also think of the type of bike that you want, since this will also affect the price of the bike. Throttle bikes are more costly than pedal assist bikes. The aesthetics of the bike are always something that every bike buyer thinks about.

Which electric bike brands are the best?

When looking at the best electric bike brands, you need to consider a number of features. The first is the quality and features of the electric motor itself. The motor should be durable, and maintenance-free. You may want some advanced features such as having sensors in the crank to regulate the speed of the motor, etc. You should also consider the design and materials of the bike. A lighter bike will allow the motor to propel you faster than a heavier bike; make sure that the bike looks good and that you will be happy with it for a long time. You should also consider your budget, as you would when buying an expensive piece of equipment.

What to know before you look for the Best Electric Bikes

Before you go looking for the best electric bikes, you should know a little about them. You need to know that they should be handed with a lot more care than traditional geared bikes. The electric motor should not be over-taxed, knocked around or tampered with; if the motor develops a problem, take it to an accredited electric bike repair shop. You should also know the pros and cons of the full-throttle and pedal assist bikes. Weight these carefully before you make your final decision. Knowing which the best brands are, when it comes to electric bikes would be an added advantage. The parts and the type of manufacture differs from one brand to another, so do your due diligence and know which brands you should target for a good bike.

The best electric bikes for men

Beach Snow Bicycle fatty tires

Beach Snow Bicycle fatty tires

This is an electric mountain bike, which has 22 inch plus tires, also known as “fatty tires” and hence the name. The tires improve the handling, traction and comfort of the bike. The bike comes with an integrated Brose motor and a downtube battery pack. These are fully built into the frame and this reduces the noise a rattling. It also has a 7 speed drivetrain and a stronger derailleur spring; an integrated rubber slap guard and plastic guide helps in keeping water drops and mud away from the motor. This is a bike that comes with a Smartphone application which shows GPS, ride statistics, and battery control. However, the LED console is quite small and requires you to reach down to switch assist levels. You should back off the pedaling when you are shifting gears so as to avoid mashing.

Things We Liked
  • The battery and motor are fully integrated into the frame and this improves the aesthetics of the bike
  • It has smooth motor activation
  • The battery pack alignment and locking system is very tight and you do not hear it rattle when you are at high speeds
  • All cables and wires are routed internally, adding more to the aesthetic beauty of the bike.
Things We Didn't Like
  • There is no shift sensing added to the hardware and software that controls the electric motor

Nakto 26" 250W Cargo-Electric Bicycle

Nakto 26

This is a bike specifically designed for urban commuting, and has an aluminum rear rack, full-length fender with LED lights for good night visibility. The bike is quite light, weighing in at about 50 pounds. The reason for this is the new air suspension fork, and the lockout ergonomic grips for added comfort. The bike has improved hydraulic brakes, which are good for extra stopping power, and they are easy to line up once you have removed the wheels. The frame is well-balanced and includes the battery and motor, which give it a low centre of gravity for added stability. The motor is a bit noisy when riding at high speeds. The battery and display panel can be removed for safe storage. The bike can go for 35 miles at full assist and up to 100 miles at lower assist levels. The bike works well in all weather conditions and is therefore very versatile. The tires have a reflective sidewall strip which offer puncture protection.

Things We Liked
  • The bike has great weight distribution thanks to the low battery and motor, improved balance and handling, and makes it easy to maintain when you take it to a repair shop
  • It has upgraded handlebar grips with bar ends for easy changing of hand positions when you are on long rides.
Things We Didn't Like
  • There are no reported cons as yet

ProdecoTech Outlaw SS

ProdecoTech Outlaw SS

This electric bike is considered to be the most rugged for men; it is actually the hummer of all electric bikes for men. It is made of air-craft grade aluminium and has wonderful 24-inch trail tires; it will run over any obstacle that it comes across. It has a speed of 28 mph when at full throttle without any pedalling and many say that t feels like riding a motocross bike. It has a suspension fork that dampens any bumps on the road, making it a comfortable ride. It also has an 8-speed SRAM drivetrain that will get you anywhere even when you do not use the throttle. The aesthetics are wonderful, with the Outlaw SS finish and the Gyes leather saddle and leather grips on the handlebars. This is an electric bike that will pull at the heartstring of any man; the macho look makes it ideal for men.

Things We Liked
  • The bike is light since it is made of aircraft-grade aluminium
  • It has hydraulic brakes for better stopping power
  • 8 speed SRAM drivetrain lets you ride anywhere even when the electric motor is turned off
Things We Didn't Like
  • There are no cons reported as yet

X-Treme Rubicon Men’s Lithium Electric Powered Mountain Bike

X-Treme Rubicon Men’s Lithium Electric Powered Mountain Bike

This is a bike for the man who loves an adventure. It is a lithium battery powered mountain electric bike, and looks very much the macho bike. The battery has a capacity of 300 watts running through the rear hub. It comes with a top-tier Shimano shifter gear system, and is made of aluminium alloy. The seat is adjustable, and the gear system has 5-speeds allowing you to have an easy ride even when the electric motor is disengaged. The bike has a start key which you press when you want to have an easy ride. It has a variable speed control twist throttle much like you would find on a motor bike. This bike is versatile since you can control whether you want to rid without any assist from the electric motor; you can also ride it fully powered by the motor.

Things We Liked
  • It has a 300 watt electric motor that runs through the rear hub
  • It has a top-tier Shimano shift system
  • It has 7 gears which you can use to ride even when the electric motor is turned off
  • The frame is made of aluminium alloy making the bike light in weight
Things We Didn't Like
  • The assembly instructions are rather poor making it hard to put it together from the box
  • It comes with cheap tire tubes

The best electric bikes for women

Haibike XDURO Cross 4.0 27.5" Women’s Electric Bike

Haibike XDURO Cross 4.0 27.5

If you are looking for a sporty electric bike that you can ride for long distances, whether you are on or off the rod, then the Haibike XDURO Cross 4.0 27.5" Women’s Electric Bike is one of the best choices that you can make. The bike was specifically designed for long hauls, for fun or sport. It comes with 25.5 inch Plus tires making it a comfortable ride that will run over any obstacle that it comes across. It has a Bosch Performance CX Drivetrain that can reach up to speeds of 25 kilometres an hour. It has a Bosch Intuvia display allowing you to monitor your speed and performance with ease. It has a 4 Amp Battery charger which will have your battery charged in a short time. The bike has an aluminium 6061 frame, which is hydroformed, making it quite light and ideal for ladies. It also comes with a top notch Shimano shifter system for quick and smooth changing of gears.

Things We Liked
  • It is light and ideal for ladies
  • The Shimano shifter system makes it easy to change gears and there is no jerking
  • It has a wide and comfortable seat
  • The display makes it easy to see your speed and performance
Things We Didn't Like
  • There are no listed cons as yet

Women Local Shipment 26" 250W Women’s Electric Bike

Women Local Shipment 26

Taking a ride on a Sunday will never be the same when you get the Women Local Shipment 26" 250W Women’s Electric Bike. You will spend more time on the bike and go for longer distances than you would with a conventional bike. This is a bike that is efficient, playful, stable and versatile. It can maneuver over any type of terrain thereby opening up your choices of places to go. It offers electric assistance when you are riding up hills and OST+ comfort when you are riding down the other side of the hill. The bike has an Overvolt Yamaha OST Supreme 5 Alloy frame, with rear travel boost. It has wide handlebars making it easy to control and adding comfort to your ride. It travels at speed of up to 20 miles per hour and has Shimano Deore Shadow shifters. This is a bike that the ladies will love.

Things We Liked
  • This is a light bike making it ideal for ladies
  • The Shimano Deore Shadow shifters make it easy to change gears
  • It is capable of maneuvering over any type of terrain giving you the confidence of going anywhere you want
  • It has a low centre of gravity making it stable and safe for ladies
Things We Didn't Like
  • There are no cons reported as yet

Newport Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycle

Women Local Shipment 26

The Newport Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycle is an exceptional bike for ladies. This bike boasts of the new generation Active Line system, which allows for smoother acceleration as it changes gears to give the optimum combination of electrical and mechanical pedelec technology. It can go for a distance of up to 180 kilometres when it is in Eco mode. It has a very low profile and a quiet motor placed in the middle for added stability. It has an SRAM 10-speed Via Centro gear system, which enables you to go anywhere with ease. It has a Suntour suspension fork, ergonomic handlebar grips and a suspension seat post, making for a very comfortable ride over any terrain. The handlebars are wide, giving you more control and ease when you are riding for long distances; the stem is also adjustable. It has Magura HS11 hydraulic brakes giving you better stopping power, without the weight of having disc brakes. The Schwalbes e-bike Energizer tires ensure that you have a firm grip on the road.

Things We Liked
  • The bike comes with a system that allows for smooth acceleration and changing of gears
  • The suspension fork and seat give you a comfortable ride even on rough terrain
  • It is built as a stable bike with a low centre of gravity
Things We Didn't Like
  • There are no cons reported as yet

In conclusion

Electric bikes make for an easy ride but they do not come cheap; you have to be sure that the investment is worthwhile. Electric bikes allow you to go further without exerting a lot of energy. They are eco-friendly and are a good way of commuting or just having fun. When choosing an electric bike, consider the power of the motor and relate this to the areas that you will be visiting. Do not take a low power bike if you will be riding up steep hills, since you will be doing more pedalling than getting the assist you need from the motor. The bikes listed above are some of the best on the market, so do consider them if you want a top-notch bike.

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