Best Ebike Books To Read This Year

Doubtless, ebikes are convenient in many circumstances. They represent a great choice for commuters, for those who feel the need of pedaling help and even for those who only see cycling as a leisure activity. But there is a lot to learn on these vehicles, and an ebike book might become your trustworthy ally.

On the market, there are dozens of books about ebikes. From how to choose an ebike to how to make an ebike and everything in between, there is definitely the right book for everyone.

But why should you buy one? Read on if you’re not sure whether an ebike book is useful or not, or click on the links below to choose your favorite one.

Why Should You Invest In EBike Books

I hear this question often. More or less, every time I speak about a book. Most cycling enthusiasts claim that there is just enough information on the internet. There is a blog about everything and there certainly are plenty of cycling blogs.

Some of them are even dedicated to ebikes completely. Therefore, what’s the use of a book? In my opinion, a book is essential if you want to gain a deep understanding of a subject matter. Blogs are usually limited and it’s a hassle chasing the right information.

A book, on the other hand, is an item packed with essential and specific information. Do you want to buy an ebike? There is a book teaching you what features to look after. Want to transform your traditional bike into an ebike? There is are books dedicated to this. Do you simply want to learn more about ebikes? You’ve got it! There are general books talking about these vehicles.

A book can help you access the information quicker and learn faster. But this doesn’t mean that all books are informative. For this reason, I’ve put up a list of the best ebike books you can find on the market. Read on to discover them.

How To Pick The Best EBike Books

Choosing an ebike book is a bit like choosing a book in general. First of all, you should pick the subject matter you’re interested in. For instance, if you want to learn how to troubleshoot an ebike, a book listing the vehicle’s features might not be useful.

Once you’ve decided what you want to learn, search for the books that talk about the subject matter. Read opinions and feedback on the book to determine whether it is the right one or not.

You should also decide upon the format. Most books are available in paperback and Kindle formats. Just pick the format you like best, as it’s more likely you’ll actually read it.

Last but not least, don’t forget that some of the greatest books might only be available in paperback format. Therefore, if you find a book that has stellar opinions about the subject matter, give it a chance. It might be the best ebike book you can find.

To help you with your choice, here is a list of the best 10 ebike books you can read this year.

Best 10 Ebike Books You Can Read This Year

1. The Ultimate Do It Yourself Ebike Guide

I’m a great DIY enthusiast and even transformed an old traditional bike into an amazing ebike. I did it with the help of this book, The Ultimate Do It Yourself Ebike Guide: Learn How To Build Your Own Electric Bicycle.

The book is written by Micah Toll, a mechanical engineer, and blogger with years of experience in the electric bicycle industry. The author has written free and paid educational content related to the ebikes and lithium batteries, and this book is one of the most comprehensive guides out there.

The Ultimate Do It Yourself Ebike Guide

The book explains in detail how to transform a traditional bike into a powerful ebike spending less than you would by buying the ebike from the store. It contains design and planning chapters, it tells you how to select the parts and how to install and maintain your new ebike. Moreover, it even includes the latest ebike information and trends.

Available in paperback format, the book is affordable, comprehensive, and ideal for all ebike and DIY enthusiasts out there.

2. The eBike Book

The eBike Book

Written by Hannes Neupert, Juliane Schroder, and Marisa Schulz, The eBike Book is a volume that takes you inside the aspects of this growing phenomenon, describing the ebikes as the future of the mobility. And in the end, ebikes might be the right future of the urban mobility.

The book focuses on how ebikes will change and reshape the urban lifestyle in the near future. Focusing on the smart technology and advanced designs, the authors explain how ebikes can replace the traditional transportation means.

Ebikes, in fact, are more and more powerful, they reach higher speeds and can cover longer distances on a single charge. Combined with the lack of noxious fumes and a healthy lifestyle, these vehicles will certainly change the face of the urban mobility forever.

If you’re interested in the subject and want to learn more, grab your hardcover copy now.

3. How to Buy the Best Electric Bike: An Average Joe Cyclist Guide

Maybe you’re not so skilled to build your own ebike but would still like one. Confused on how to choose it? This book can help. Written by Joe Goodwill, an average cyclist with high ambitions, the book is addressed to all those who need help in choosing the ebike of their dreams.

The book holds information about the technology behind the ebikes, information on how to pick, what features to look after, and more. The book also contains a summary of the highest rated ebikes to help you choose the right one.

How to Buy the Best Electric Bike

After all, ebikes are expensive and you want to make the best possible investment, don’t you? This book is an updated and expanded version of the original How to Buy the Best Electric Bike and it is available in paperback format.

4. How to Build a DIY Longtail Cargo EBike

How to Build a DIY Longtail Cargo EBike

If you want to take cycling to the next level and impress your friends with an outstanding longtail cargo ebike made by yourself, then you might want to consider this book. Available in Kindle and paperback formats, the book walks you through all the stages of building your own longtail cargo ebike.

With your cargo ebike, you’ll be able to travel, work, or simply impress your cyclist friends. The book is written by Will Thorpe and contains important information on the cargo ebikes along with step-by-step guides explaining how to build one.

If you’re not sure whether transforming a traditional bike into an ebike is worth the hassle, the author also included information on how to choose a longtail cargo ebike from the shop.

5. Choosing, Using & Maintaining Your Electric Bicycle

If you’re looking for a simple and straightforward guide to buying an ebike, then this book might answer all your questions. Packed with information about choosing, using and maintaining an electric bicycle, this is a simple and essential buyer’s guide.

The book is written by Peter Henshaw, an expert cyclist specialized in using and writing about electric bicycles. In this book, Peter explains why an ebike is better than a traditional one if you’re looking for convenience and pedaling aid.

Choosing Using e Maintaining Your Electric Bicycle

The author also explains everything you need to know in terms of battery runtime, battery charging times, maintenance costs, insurance, and more. The guide also answers many frequent questions novice cyclists might have about this type of vehicle.

To help readers make an informed decision, the author also describes all the advantages and pitfalls associated with the ebikes and provides an overview of the types of ebikes available on the market. Once you’ll finish reading, you’ll know what to look for and why you should own an electric bicycle.

The book is available in paperback format and offers a great value for its price. Definitely one of the best ebike books I have read.

6. Energy and EV Secrets

Energy and EV Secrets

Maybe you’re not so sure about investing in an ebike just yet. Maybe you just love cycling a traditional bike every now and then and commute by car. But have you ever thought how an electric vehicle, be it an electric car or an ebike, can change the way you commute?

If the answer is no, then this book is for you. In his book Energy and EV Secrets: How the volt, plug-in hybrids, electric cars and e-bikes can save energy and cut your gas prices, Russell Sydney explains how you can reduce your everyday costs and improve your lifestyle by ditching your traditional car in the favor of an electric vehicle.

The book contains information and opinions of the experts and leaders in the electric vehicles field, including people involved in the development of the new technologies, manufacturers and policy makers. Explaining how to cut down on costs and reduce pollution, the book will help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Considering the advantages of an ebike over the other means of transport, this book might be just what you need to convince yourself about its benefits and suitability for everyday use. The book is available in Kindle and paperback formats.

7. Characteristics and Control of the Motor System in E-bikes

The Characteristics and Control of the Motor System in E-bikes: E-bike, a solution for the future, for easy, swift and safe transportation is another excellent ebike book to read if you want to learn more about the advantages of this type of vehicle.

Considering the development of the world and the cost to the environment, the authors of the book aim to educate people in understanding the importance of the environmental safety. By switching from cars to ebikes, we can easily reduce the environmental impact of our daily commute.

Characteristics and Control of the Motor System in E-bikes

The authors try to highlight the weaknesses of the traditional bikes compared to the ebikes and explain how the latter manage to reduce these weaknesses. On the other hand, the authors also explain why an electric bike is a better choice compared to a car, especially when you’re commuting alone.

This is another great book to read if you’re not yet convinced about the benefits of the ebikes, and it is available in paperback format.

8. Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit Installation - Made Simple

Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit Installation

We’ve talked about ebike conversion kits before and why they might be a more convenient and customizable choice than buying an electric bike from a reseller. And Claude Rosay’s Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit Installation - Made Simple (How to Design, Choose, Install and Use an E-Bike Kit) focuses on the same subject matter.

This guidebook shows you exactly how to design, choose, install and use an ebike kit, teaching you how to convert your favorite traditional bike into an ebike. The book is divided into four parts, each of them focusing on a different topic.

The first and second parts are dedicated to educating the reader about the importance and benefits of the ebikes, answering the most common questions novice ebikers have. The third part explains the ebike conversion kit installation process, while the fourth part shows you how to use the ebike.

In this way, the readers will finish reading the book with an excellent introductory knowledge of the conversion kits, how to choose them and how to use them. Apart from this, the book aims to inspire, educate and empower people to take action now.

The book is available in Kindle and paperback formats, addressing a vast number of readers.

9. The Real World User Guide for ebikes

If you’d like to know how riding an ebike feels in the real world, then The Real World User Guide for ebikes: Featuring a Bionx 250HT and a Montague Folding Mountain Bike by Tim Sutton might be a true revelation. I simply loved this book that narrates in a fun way the author’s cycling experiences on an ebike.

The best part about this book is that it focuses on the painful ebiking experiences in both urban and rural environments. The author hopes that his mistakes will help other cyclists take the right decisions when riding a fast and expensive ebike.

The Real World User Guide for ebikes

Apart from cycling advice, the book also includes a series of tips and tricks that will make your life easier when traveling by bike. The book is available in Kindle and paperback formats.

10. A Practical Guide to Electric Bikes (Discovering Electric Bikes)

A Practical Guide to Electric Bikes

Court Rye’s A Practical Guide to Electric Bikes (Discovering Electric Bikes) is a Kindle ebook dedicated to all those who consider riding an ebike. The author is an ebike enthusiast that aims to share his knowledge and help everyone with his short, enjoyable and actionable advice.

The book intends to help people who are considering buying an ebike but that want to find the best possible deal in terms of costs and usability. The book is complemented by lots of videos, photos, and links to dedicated websites created to help the readers make an informed decision.

Apart from this, the book also offers access to a forum where expert cyclists and ebike enthusiasts are ready to answer all your novice questions and doubts.

By reading the book, you’ll also learn how to choose a bike based on the complicated terminology used by the manufacturers and what are the advantages and drawbacks of the online purchase compared to a local purchase. Lastly, the author also included safety tips and useful advice that makes this book one of the best ebike books available on the market.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt about it. Ebikes and electric vehicles, in general, are certainly the future of urban commuting and not only. Combining the pleasure of cycling with the benefits of the electric pedaling aid, ebikes can come to the benefit of most people.

Pick your favorite book from this list or read them all to find out why you need an ebike, how to choose one or how to make your own. Happy reading!

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