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Best Bike Pump: Our Top Picks

Most people hardly pay attention when it comes to getting the best bike pump. They simply go into the store and ask for a pump, as long as it can put air in their tires. However, there are some differences that one should consider. You should think about how much air you will be pumping into the bike with each stroke. You should also avoid those huge pumps that you have to step on since they can only be used in the store or at home, so which is the best bike pump that you can get. This article will show you.

How to choose the best bike pump

When choosing the best bike pump, you should look at the length of the stroke. This will tell you how much air you will be pumping into the bike with each stroke short strokes will add less air than longer ones. However, the pump should be able to be stored safely on the bike and not get in the way of your riding experience. You should also get a pump that is durable; you don’t want to buy a pump that will just break down after a few uses. You must also look for a pump that is compatible with your bike, preferably one that is from the same company. These are just some of the things you should think about when buying a bike pump.

What are the benefits of bike pumps?

It would seem ridiculous when you try to think about the benefits of a bike pump. People just think it is for inflating flat bike tires, but a bike pump can do a lot more than that. Here are some of the benefits that you may not have thought about:

  • The pump comes in handy when you have a flat; that is the primary use of the pump, so you can just breeze over that.
  • A bike pump can be used to inflate a dinghy, if you are an adventurous person going on a long hike with some friends across the country on your bikes; you can also use it to light a camp fire, instead of blowing with your mouth

What should you consider when choosing the best bike pump?

When choosing the best bike pumps, there are small issues that you should think about; these have almost made people sleep out in the dark with their bikes broken down.

Make sure that the bike pump has a Schrader and Presta valve attachments, many people only go with one for inflating the tires, but when they get too hot, they expand and threaten to burst, so you need an attachment that will deflate them too.

Make sure that your bike pump will not be borrowed too much by people. When you buy a good pump, people seem to like yours better than theirs and will always be borrowing it. Sometimes they will “forget” to return it just to keep it a bit longer.

What concerns should bike pump buyers have?

Bike Pump

Mostly bike pump buyers should consider the durability of the pump and how well it works. A good pump can be a lifesaver, and many people have experienced this. When you are in a competition and do not have a great pump, you lose valuable time when you have to pump the tires. We are referring to backyard races and not the professional competitions where bikers have trucks loaded with spares bikes and tires. A good bike pump should be flexible, easy to use and have the two nozzles mentioned above. Having considered these, then the colour and cost of the pump can be considered too. Do not get one that is too cheap because it may not be good at all.

What bike pump brands are the best?

Well, most people will go for the pump that came with the bike, but they later realise that they are probably better off buying a new pump. The best brands are the ones that give you a pump that will keep you in top performance when you are on the road. The best brads are easy to use, and will claps on and off quickly, without having to release the valve all the time. The best brands are dependent on the preferences of the biker as to whether they prefer mini pumps or not.

What to know before you buy a new bike pump

Before you go out and buy a new bike pump, remember that you should not judge it by how it looks; there are traditional bike pumps, freestanding pumps and mini pumps. You have to decide which would be best for you. Many people prefer the traditional pumps. But others also love the mini and freestanding pumps. Each has their own cons and pros as you will soon see. You should also think about the power of the pump; get a pump that will fill out your tires in the shortest time possible to reduce the exertion, which you should use to ride the bike.

The best bike pumps

Topeak Joe Blow Pump

Topeak Joe Blow Pump

One would wonder if there are any better bike pumps on the market apart from this one. Many would say that this is one of the most durable all-round tough bike pumps. This pump is easy to rebuild should it ever get damaged, and most people do not know this. There is only the need to tighten a bolt at the bottom every once in a while but the pump is superb. This is a bike pump that can handle pumping tires for several times in a week and it will still work properly. When you have to pump air to high pressures, most other pumps will not make it but this one does it with ease. You can try and pump up to 130 psi and see how it performs. This is a freestanding floor pump and has been a best seller for over a decade and that says a lot about it quality and standing with the biking community.

Things We Liked
  • This is a durable pump an can take a lot of punishment
  • It is a freestanding floor pump an may be easier to use than hand pumps
  • The pump is easy to maintain and rebuild should it ever break down
  • The pump can handle filling tires to high psi levels without having to release the tires
Things We Didn't Like
  • One may have to make frequent adjustments to the bolts at the bottom of the pump

Serfas TCPG

Serfas TCPG

This is perhaps one of the best selling floor pumps today and it is probably boosted by the fact that is also one of the cheapest pumps, however, even though it has a low cost, it can be said to have a lot of value to offer. The pump has a design that resembles some of the most expensive pumps on the market, but the company just put together a smart-looking package that offers less. This is a pump that has both Schrader and Presta valves and one can use it to add and remove air. It has a good head that is easy to use. However, there is a downside to this pump; getting spare parts is quite difficult. There are die-hard fans who have never let go of theirs even when they are on the verge of getting fully busted.

Things We Liked
  • It comes with both the Schrader and Presta valves so it is easy to use for all purposes
  • It is cheap in price but looks like one of the most expensive models on the market. This might be great for aesthetic appeal
  • It has a long hose and the gauge is easy to read, making filling your tires an easy job
Things We Didn't Like
  • The spare parts for the pump are hard to get and one may have to abandon it when it breaks down

The Blackburn

The Blackburn

This is perhaps one of the biggest bike pumps that you have ever seen. Its popularity goes up and down, but one thing that does not change is that it can fill a tire with air in record time. The pump has a very huge chamber, which rapidly fills with a high volume of air, and this makes it pump a lot of air into the tire with one stroke. It has a solid design and it gives you very good leverage when you are pumping air. This is great when you want to fill a tire with high psi. The pump comes with a smart valve which means that you can use one head to fill both Schrader and Presta valves just by flicking a switch on its stem. The pump has a steel body which makes it last long. You can even use it to fill the rites on your lawn mower and wheelbarrow. That is how powerful it is.

Things We Liked
  • The pump is strong and sturdy
  • It has a huge chamber which makes it fast in filling tires with air
  • The pump offers good leverage making it easy to work in high psi situations
  • It has both Schrader and presta valves in one head
Things We Didn't Like
  • It seems to be a heavy duty pump which you cannot take on the trail

The Topeak Turbo Morph

The Topeak Turbo Morph

This happens to be a frame pump. This means that you have to put it on the frame of a bike in order to move around with it. This kind of pump is great for those who take long trips and may need to add some air when they are on the road. The pump has a “T” handle with pulls out allowing you to have more pumping power. It comes with a foldout stand too, which you stand on as you are pumping. It has a pretty good gauge which you can see properly up to 100 psi. The chamber on this pump is very small, and you really have to pump for a long time before you can fill a tire with air. However, this is a pump that you can use for emergencies, when you have had a flat on the road and need to inflate the tire after you have fixed the puncture.

Things We Liked
  • It has a stand that you can stand on for stability when pumping
  • It had a foldable handle for better grip when pumping
  • It is a frame pump which you can take with you anywhere; attachment is via a bracket on the pump
Things We Didn't Like
  • It has a small chamber making it very hard to fill a tire to high psi

Genuine Innovations Pump

Genuine Innovations Pump

This is another frame pump and can be easily filled up using a CO2 cartridge. Frame pumps have a small chamber and can take a very long time to fill a tire with air. This can be very tiring and not goof if you have taken a long bike ride. This pump has an orifice through which you fit a cartridge when you want to fill up the tire with less effort. You can then top it up when the cartridge is all spent. However, when you have more than one lat, you should be prepared to do some pumping on your own. Ideally, you should consider having a road pump, or one that has a bigger chamber; the frame pump should only be used as a secondary pump for emergency situations.

Things We Liked
  • It has an orifice where you can attach a CO2 cartridge and fill up the tire quickly
  • It has an attachment to clip it on the bike
  • It has a stand and a foldout handle for ease of pumping
Things We Didn't Like
  • It has a small chamber and can take long to fill a tire if you have already spent your CO2 cartridge

In conclusion

Getting the best bike pump can be perplexing since most people do not think of the finer details when buying the pump. Casual bikers are prone to making this mistake and think a small portable pump is the best. However, the pros can tell you that a bigger pump is the best way to go, and you only need to know how to get access to it when you have a puncture; perhaps in the car which you left a few miles away when you took your ride. Here you can see some of the bike pumps that you can buy, and the bigger pumps have more advantages than the small ones. Next time you are buying a pump, bear this in mind.

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