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Fixed Gear Vs. Single Speed – A Quick Guide

Owning a multi-speed bike makes cycling easier, but some enthusiasts argue it doesn’t deliver quite the pleasure of a bike with one gear. In this last category, there are harsh debates between fixed gear vs. single speed bikes.But is there such a huge gap between the two models? And is this one better than the other?I’ve tried to find the answer to these questions and this [...]

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Vuelta A España: Spain’s Iconic Bike Tour

Vuelta a España, which literally translates to the Tour of Spain, is one of the most iconic men’s road cycling tours. It takes place every year between August and September and it lasts for three weeks.But which are the origins of the Vuelta a España? Which are the shirts given to the riders during the race and what is their meaning?Let’s discover the history and curiosit [...]

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Best Single Speed Mountain Bike

Most novice cyclists believe that a single speed mountain bike is outdated. They tend to invest their money in modern, multi-speed vehicles without having a second thought on why single speed bikes are still on the market.Well, if you want to find out why single speed may be better than multi-speed, read on. If you’re in a hurry but still want to check out specs and feature [...]

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Australia’s Santos Tour Down Under – All You Need To Know

We all know Europe excels when it comes to cycling. The most important cycling tours are European and more often than not, when thinking about performance cycling we think about European cyclists. But Australia shows other continents can also excel in cycling thanks to the Santos Tour Down Under.Santos Tour Down Under doesn’t enjoy the fame or popularity of Tour of France or [...]

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Tour Of Flanders: Curiosities Of A Classic Bike Tour

The Tour of Flanders is a classic bike race considered by many enthusiasts the best of the cycling season. It’s often considered more exciting than the most famous Tour de France or Giro d’Italia, but why?Well, the truth is that the Tour of Flanders is a very selective race that attracts only the best cyclists in the world.But that’s not the only thing that makes it fasci [...]

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7 Best-Ever Urban Cycling Tips You Should Know

Urban cycling is exciting but scaring to some extent. There are traffic and pedestrians to deal with, that’s why cycling is the city requires some precautions. Yet, there is no need to have fear. Here are 7 useful tips to urban cycling you should know.1. Choose Your Bike WiselyUrban bikes are trendy, but they are not suitable for everyone. When choosing the vehicle, make sure [...]

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