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Metabolic Recumbent Bike Workout For Weight Loss

Wondering how to lose weight at the gym? Recumbent bike workout could be a great solution. This aerobic activity boosts your metabolism and promotes weight loss. The device is more comfortable to use than a traditional stationary bike, and like any indoor bike activity, the workout comes with numerous side benefits.In fact, you’ll not only lose weight. Recumbent bike workout [...]

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13 Killer Tips To Cycling For Weight Loss

Cycling is an amazing sport. It comes with a sense of freedom and countless benefits. And cycling for weight loss is always a great idea.In fact, physical activity, associated with a balanced diet, is the only way to lose weight. But riding a bike comes with collateral benefits. First, it has a milder effect on your joints than other aerobic activities. And it burns fat at a ra [...]

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Best Schwinn Road Bike For Beginners

If you’ve just got interested in road cycling, a Schwinn road bike could be excellent for you as a beginner. Renowned for its quality and affordable prices, Schwinn is one of the most famous cycling gear and accessories manufacturer in the US.But Schwinn road bikes come in a range of styles and sizes. How to choose the right one for you? What should you be looking for in a [...]

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How To Plan Your Bike Trip Like A Bicycle Touring Pro

Bicycle touring is one of the most rewarding forms of travel. But planning a bike trip isn’t the easiest thing to do. You have to choose a bike friendly destination and design an itinerary. If this is the first time you’re planning such a tour, things can easily become overwhelming.But there is good news. Both in the USA and in Europe, there are dozens of cycling routes dev [...]

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9 Benefits of Cycling Vs Running

Cycling and running are two of the most popular sports. Practiced for both leisure and performance, each sport has its adepts and supporters. But rumors say cycling is better! Now, you might claim we’re just saying so because we’re into cycling. That’s why we thought to make a cycling vs running comparison.And here we are! Check out these 9 benefits or cycling vs running, [...]

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12 Reasons To Try Downhill Mountain Biking

Downhill mountain biking is one of the most rewarding sports to practice as a beginner. Although cross-country is less challenging and more accessible to a wide range of enthusiasts, downhill brings mountain biking to a whole new level.Challenging trails will determine you to learn about balance and bike handling faster. Armoring equipment and a specialty downhill bike will mak [...]

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