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How To Prevent And Treat Saddle Sores

Saddle sores happen even to the most experienced cyclists. Often, they are produced by the pressure exerted by the cycling shorts. In some cases, the pressure can be exerted by an unsuitable saddle. Although annoying, saddle sores can be easily prevented and treated, as long as you identify the right cause.How To Prevent Saddle SoresMore often than not, saddle sores are caused [...]

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Best Cycling Apps For iOS and Android Devices

In a world of smart mobile devices, cycling apps are a rider’s best friends. But from a wealth of apps, how to choose the ones that really serve a purpose?Finding the best cycling apps is hard. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa. Yet, after years of use, I identified the following six apps as the best. A quick research showed that many cyclists also prefer [...]

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Giro d’Italia: 17 Surprising Facts You (Maybe) Didn’t Know

Twenty-one stages that take riders and viewers through the mesmerizing landscape of Italy. An internationally renowned race. A cycling competition awaited by enthusiasts each year. This is Giro d’Italia, one of the most famous cycling races.While hundreds of enthusiasts are watching the race on TV, only a few know these 17 surprising facts. Check them out and see how many you [...]

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Setting The Right Bike Seat Height – A Guide For Beginners

Setting the right bike height seat is imperative, whether is a mountain bike or racing bike. The matter is more important than it seems because a right bike seat height determines your position in the saddle. Specialists determine the right height through biomechanical analysis.Yet, if you’re not an expert but just a beginner who wants to achieve a correct posture on the bike [...]

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What Is Cyclocross? A Beginner’s Guide To CX

Wondering what is cyclocross? Cyclocross shortened to CX is a fun sport loved by seasoned athletes and novice cyclists. It can be practiced in all weathers and offers countless benefits.Yes, cyclocross is a hard discipline. It can be intimidating at first. Training for CX is often confusing, and so is attending competitions.But don’t let these drawbacks discourage you. CX is [...]

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Best Entry-Level Road Bike Tires For Road Racing

Road racing is a complex sport in which the road bike tires determine the performance. Certainly, the performance is driven by multiple factors, but the tire’s road grip, width, and structure can improve it.If you’re a beginner wondering how to choose the right road bike tires, read on. Or, if you’re in a hurry, click on the links in the table below to check some of the [...]

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