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Top 9 Road Biking Mistakes To Avoid As A Beginner

Road biking is amazing. And many new cyclists embrace this sport for the first time. Why? Because road biking is accessible, because at the beginning, a hybrid or commuter’s bike is more than perfect for this sport, and because many people consider it easier than mountain biking.But many enthusiasts commit mistake after mistake after hopping on the saddle, simply because they [...]

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11 Top Benefits Of Dirt Biking

Dirt biking has been a motorcycling discipline for years. But with the advent of the newest electric mountain bikes, more and more free riders are tempted to give dirt biking a try. In fact, we can safely say we assist to a hybridization of dirt biking, a discipline that sees more and more avid cyclists approaching it.But what are its benefits? And why should you use an electri [...]

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Biking To Work – 15 Reasons To Do It

If you’re anything like me, your working life is a blunt, sedentary experience. You get up in the morning just to sit in your car on your way to the office. You sit in front of a desk at least eight hours a day, then get up again to sit in your car and get back home. But including movement in the routine isn’t difficult.All you have to do is to revamp your commuting. Rememb [...]

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Average Biking Speed – How Do You Compare With A Tour de France Pro?

Have you ever wondered how would you compare with a Tour de France pro? You can tell by analysing your average biking speed, comparing it against that of a pro. But while calculating your own average biking speed is easy with a bike computer, finding out what is the average biking speed of a pro might be trickier.So, if you’re curious how you compare with the bests of th [...]

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17 Health Benefits Of Cycling

Have you ever thought about the health benefits of cycling or wondered how cycling changes your life for the better? Whether you’re a road racer, an MTB lover or just a commuter, regular cycling has a great impact on your health and social life.We can’t tell you how cycling will affect your relationships. But we know exactly what happens to your body after a few hours, a fe [...]

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Best Burley Bike Trailer For Family Rides

A Burley bike trailer can become your trustworthy ally when it comes to recreational family rides. Setting itself apart from the competition, the manufacturer impresses with a range of high-quality, durable, and above all safe products for you and the little ones.If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, read on to find out why Burley is better than your average bike trailer. Else [...]

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